HR Manager - HR Management solutions

A healthy business is filled with happy employees. As businesses grow, so does the workforce, and managing employment data for each employee can quickly become time-consuming. With the increased efficiency of cloud technology, the offline paper filing systems will soon be a thing of the past. While technology has helped ease the workflow, employment laws themselves have become increasingly complex. TPC’s HR Management solutions are designed to streamline employee data so employers can more effectively manage the workforce while ensuring compliance is maintained. TPC HR Advisors and Support Center will provide the necessary guidance, from basic questions to complex support.

We will help you:

HR Manager 1
Consolidate – Better manage your employees’ life cycle from recruitment to retirement with integrated systems that help you manage Recruiting Processes, Time and Attendance, HRIS, Payroll and more!

HR Manager 2
Automate – Your PTO rules allowing your employees to request their time off electronically with an approval process where supervisors can approve or deny the request.

HR Manager 3
Go Paperless – Employees can easily access their check stubs, W2s and run pay scenarios with our W-4 calculator through Employee Self-Service. In addition, they can update their address and elect their benefits online.

HR Manager 4
File Cabinet – Utilize TPC’s powerful document tool to convert ALL your employee files and upload them into paperless files.

HR Manager 5
– Start with our recruiting solutions and hire the best talent. All the new hire demographic data will then seamlessly populate HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance.