Benefits Administration

Employers nationwide are beginning to understand the potential impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on benefits administration. The insurance mandates specified in the nearly 3,000 page document are intricate, complicated, and extensive. How the ACA will affect your company and its infrastructure is a common concern among business owners.

Payroll itself is the cornerstone of the ACA mandates, and determining requirement eligibilities primarily relies on hours and wages. To help ease the burden to the business owner, TPC’s iSolved platform provides an all-in-one solution for your business’s behind-the-scenes needs. Your data—including taxes, reported hours, and deductions—is secured in a single system with guaranteed accuracy.

With iSolved, TPC empowers your business to interact with employee eligibility, benefit selection, benefit enrollment, carrier connection, bill reconciliation, and COBRA administration in one platform while maintaining ACA compliance.

Through TPC’s eBenefits network your needs can be met. The network supports hundreds of carries for dental, life, vision, and disability. All of which are prompted by customer requirements. If the eBenefits network doesn’t support your carrier, they can work with your carrier to add them to the network.

BenefitsAdmin1Benefit Selection:

  • Preview available coverage plans, alongside an insurance broker of your choice, to decide which plan is right for your business and employees

BenefitsAdmin2Employee Eligibility:

  • Automatic trigger sends a notification to the employer and employee when an employee becomes eligible for benefits after 90 days on payroll

BenefitsAdmin3Benefits Enrollment:

  • Register enrollees conveniently online
  • Easily add additional new hires
  • Alter plans due to life events
  • Renew coverage during annual enrollment

BenefitsAdmin4Carrier Connection:

  • Direct connectivity with the insurance carriers

BenefitsAdmin5Bill Reconciliation:

  • Ensures payments are made only for covered participants and their dependents by a secure and reliable tracking system for benefits and status changes
  • Detects account discrepancies, saving employers thousands of dollars in accurate invoice processing


  • Distribution of notifications, correspondence, election packets, and COBRA termination notices as required by law
  • Maintaining qualifying events and HIPAA loss-of-coverage data on-line
  • Processing election forms, and tracking key dates to ensure accurate and timely responses to COBRA administrative requirements