COBRA Compliance Administration

COBRA Compliance Administration involves more than issues involving termination. The task of remaining informed and updated on the ever-changing legislative requirements of benefits administration necessitates the devotion and proficiency of dedicated HR experts. At TPC, we remove that burden from you, the business owner, allowing you to refocus your energy and attention where it belongs—your business.

COBRA Compliance

At TPC, COBRA is now officially integrated with iSolved. After an employee resigns or is let go, COBRA forms will be immediately dispatched, eliminating that job off your to-do list.

Additionally, TPC will keep current on business regulations and conditions as adjustments are made and new provisions or mandates are introduced to ensure you remain compliant.

This includes:

  • Providing the same type and level of services for USERRA coverage that employers expect for COBRA
  • Offering support with Full Service Open Enrollment for COBRA beneficiaries
  • Providing administrative support to ensure compliance with HIPAA portability

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