Payroll Management Solution

Replace your in-house payroll system with TPC’s state-of-the-art online payroll management solution.

Payroll Management Solution

Get ready to see immediate benefits:

Better Accuracy – See accurate totals including all disbursements before you submit your payroll. Quicky catch errors before they become a problem with unparalleled visibility and insight.

Better Reports – 100’s of standard reports are included in the system and creating Ad-Hoc reports is very easy with our solution. Every field in our system can be included in reports that can be run easily by just pointing and clicking the fields you would like in the report. Run check history, employee birthday, work comp and point-in-time reports in minutes!

Garnishments – Wow! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to set-up garnishments and child supports anymore. All I do is send the case number to my Payroll Specialist and they handle the calculation, prioritization and disbursement of the Garnishment checks.

Double Entry – Is a thing of the past. I used to have to key new hire information into 3 different systems. Now I just enter it one time.

Flexible Import and Input Options – Choose from simple grids or comprehensive detail screens for input methods. Or if you prefer, import directly from Excel or your current time & attendance system.

Employee Self-Service – No more hand-stuffing checks into envelopes. With TPC, paystubs are electronically delivered to employees via their Employee Self-Service secure online portal. Empower your employees with knowledge and information to answer most payroll and HR questions.

Point-and-Click Simplicity – Start using and taking full advantage of the system in hours, not weeks. No more reading lengthy, boring user manuals!

Our employees love being able to access all of their pay stubs online through the Employee Self Service Portal. I love not having to answer the same question over and over again. I just hired a new assistant, and she was up and running in a day. Thank you TPC!

Jessica [Payroll Manager – Travel Company]


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