Worker’s Compensation

If your company’s payroll account has EFT capabilities, and if you issue payroll on a consistent basis (weekly, biweekly, etc) through a service provider like TPC, you may qualify for SmartPay, our new pay-as-you-go program. This is an exciting new product and it allows you to pay for your workers’ compensation policy in low installments at the same time you submit payroll. The SmartPay service calculates Workers’ Compensation policy premiums and collects only the amount due directly from your bank account every time you run payroll. SmartPay offers a unique and hassle-free approach to paying for your Workers’ compensation insurance policy. Rather than paying for insurance up to a year in advance, premiums are paid as you go, one payroll period at a time.

How Does It Work?

Each time you run your payroll, TPC sends your payroll data to SmartPay which will automatically calculate your workers’ compensation premium for that payroll period, based on the payroll processed. SmartPay draws the premium payment for your Workers’ Compensation policy based on your actual payroll data for the applicable period. A detailed summary of payroll entered and premium collected will be available for you on SmartPay’s secure website.


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