Inclement Weather and Your Payroll Obligations

January 15th, 2019 2:27 pm

Hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, blizzards, floods and other weather-related disasters can cause inclement weather closures. But even if one of these calamities causes your business to close, your employees must still be paid on their next regularly scheduled payday if they did any work during the pay period. To ensure accurate payment, you’ll need to take […]

Unemployment Claims and How to Handle Them

December 5th, 2018 9:29 am

Unemployment claim benefits are provided through a federal-state unemployment program, which is funded largely by federal and state taxes imposed on employers. The Internal Revenue Service enforces federal unemployment tax laws. The state unemployment agency oversees state unemployment tax as well as the determination and disbursement of unemployment benefits. When an employee files a claim […]

Federal Payroll Laws for Nonprofit Organizations

November 2nd, 2018 10:45 am

Payroll laws for nonprofit organizations can be challenging, as they require dealing with special provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which is administered by the DOL, and the federal tax code, which is governed by the IRS. FLSA Coverage for Nonprofits The FLSA’s minimum wage, overtime, record-keeping and child labor laws cover employees […]

6 Strategies to Reduce Workers’ Compensation Claims

October 20th, 2018 10:38 am

In 2016, the National Federation of Independent Business ranked workers’ compensation as one of the most critical problems facing small businesses. Additionally, the National Academy of Social Insurance reported that employers spent a combined total of $94.8 billion in 2015 on workers’ compensation, an increase of 20.1 percent since 2011. Every state, except Texas, requires […]

Pretax and After-Tax – Learn the Differences

September 5th, 2018 9:26 am

Deductions Taken Before Taxes Pretax and after-tax deductions – what’s the difference? When can you use each? Pretax deductions are subtracted from employees’ wages before taxes are taken out, thereby lowering their taxable wages and increasing their take-home pay. For a deduction to be eligible for pretax status, the employer must have an Internal Revenue Service-compliant plan […]