iSolved Product Release

iSolved Product Release v. 4.0.07 (7-15-16)

Addition of HSA Employee Accounts

This new feature allows individual employees to have their HSA bank account at the bank of their choosing.

New Dashboards and Features

My dashboard provided for managers/supervisor users to quickly access links to pending Workflow Transactions and pending Time Off Requests that require approval. Additionally, for iSolved Time users they will have access to Employee Punch Status Alert Monitoring from My Dashboard.

New Dashboard Features

A new feature was added to workflow that allows users to add comments when approving or rejecting workflow transactions. Employees now have the access to the Historical Transaction Dashboard restricted to their pending and complete transactions only.

Comment Adding

Security Improvements

There are new security measures to prevent unauthorized direct deposit updates. Each time you process a payroll, a popup alerts you to the number of new or updated direct deposits for auditing purposes.

security improvements

Enhanced Notes on Time Cards

Use the newly added enhanced note feature within the Time Card to copy, scroll through and view notes.

Updated Time Off Requests Feature

The max duration days field now has a 90-day maximum as its default and this field is required to be answered prior to submitting a time off request. The feature validates the data entered to prevent values higher than 90 days.

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