iSolved Product Release

iSolved Product Release V 4.0.13

June 2, 2017

What’s inside:

  • Deferred Compensation Participation Requirements Added
  • Updated Benefit Plan Detail Screen
  • Employee Hiring and Termination Updates
  • Enhanced Reports
  • New Feature: Comp Time (Only for customers with iSolved Time)
  • Time Card Updates
  • Scheduling: Pagination for Results

Deferred Compensation Participation Requirements Added

Many deferred comp plans have participation requirements such as age rules, length of service rules, hours worked requirements or any combination of this criteria. For example, a plan may require that the employee be 20.5 years old, have a length of service of 365 days AND have worked 1,000 hours before they can participate in the 401(k) plan. Once the plan rules are defined, iSolved will include automated tracking for that criteria for each employee.

When you have selected the Deferred Comp Plan on the Employee Benefit Plan screen, a checkbox that says “Pending Participation Requirements” will appear if the employee has not met all the rules of the plan. The right side of the screen will list the plan setup information and will show the employee’s information. The client can view at any time which rules have been met and how close the employee is to meeting all the plan’s requirements. Notice in the screenshot below it also identifies when a key piece of information is missing, i.e. “Employee DOB is blank”.


Updated Benefit Plan Detail Screen

The Employee Self-Service Benefit Screen will now include the requested multiple and actual coverage Amount, as well as the deduction amount.



Employee Hiring and Termination Updates

Although no employer wants an employee to start and leave on the same day, it can happen. iSolved will now allow an employee to be terminated on the same day as their start date.


Enhanced Reports

Benefit Transaction Status Report – This report now shows the transaction date and user data for all approved transactions.


Employee I-9 Verification Report – The Employee I-9 Verification report will now include signature date and rehire dates.


Benefit Enrollment E-Signature Acknowledgments and the Employee Messages Acknowledgement Report – Both acknowledgment reports now include username (email addresses) of the users. Date, time and the user information can reduce disputes over consent.


New Feature: Comp Time (Only for customers with iSolved Time)

This feature allows users to convert earned overtime (OT) hours into comp time. Administrators can set special rules around how to handle earned comp time.


Time Card Updates

Users will now be able to track changes to verifications made on the Time Card screen.

The Time Card report will include supervisor and manager signature lines.

A new option allows a user to delete all time on a specific day.

If you close the pay period early and have missing punches on the time card, you can force apply pending alerts.


Scheduling: Pagination for Results

Within the scheduling module, pagination has been added to allow for more than 50 employees in the results.