iSolved Product Release

iSolved Product Release V 4.0.15 Effective September 8

September 6, 2017

What’s inside:

  • Benefit Updates
  • Multistate Work Location Exemptions
  • I-9 Change Compliance
  • iSolved Time Improvements


Benefit Updates

Upgrades to the benefit module make it easier to communicate messages to your employees:

  • Create spaced out lines and paragraphs within the message center for easier reading.
  • Rename attached documents so employees know what they’re reading as they view the documents.
  • Attach messages and documents to a specific benefit type, such as a Plan Comparison document.

The enhancements to the module come just in time for your upcoming open enrollment!

  • Employees will see a countdown of the remaining days in the open enrollment period and the enrollment end date in the top right corner. This new addition keeps everyone on track for on-time enrollment.
  • The new side-by-side comparison of employee costs for the newly elected benefits as well as the previous year helps employees plan for their benefits.
    • View costs by pay period, by month, or by year.
  • When your employees complete enrollment election, the benefit summary and confirmation page is combined into a single, printable page.
  • It’s easy to save the benefit summary/confirmation page as PDF, which will show up in the employee’s saved documents. That page can include the electronic signature, date, and time stamp.



Multistate Work Location Exemptions

iSolved now shows an “additional states” tab on the Employee Tax Information screen. If you have employees working across multiple states, use this tab to change tax information to the state in which the employee is working.

  • When you charge the employee’s hours to a set work location, tax information for that state will be applied to calculate accurate state income tax.



   I-9 Change Compliance

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released a new version of the I-9 form for immediate use. The I-9 form in iSolved is the latest version.


   iSolved Time Improvements

Within the iSolved Attendance module, you can now assign a default weekly schedule or other pattern schedule. If you supervise employees who work the same schedule every week, you won’t have to manually add the schedule every week with this new update.

  • You can now select an employee group in the filter section of the schedule functionality. iSolved Attendance shifts also have color-coding for easier viewing of certain shifts at a glance. For example, all nursing shifts are coded purple and all janitorial shifts are coded orange.


If you have shifts assigned by the system using default schedules, the shift name will be enclosed with parentheses. Manually assigned or imported shifts will not contain parentheses.



iSolved Time spreadsheet view additions

  • Before this update, certain time card calendar view features were not available in the spreadsheet view. Now, you can add/edit adjustments and add/edit notes from the spreadsheet view.


Time card verification updates

  • When your employee validates the time card, but then a change is made, that employee will receive an alert to validate the time card again.
  • New verification icons on the time card screen make it easy for you to see if a time card has been fully verified.
    • Empty circle: unverified
    • Circle with dot inside: partially verified
    • Circle with check inside: verified