Time and Attendance Overview

Your workforce cost has a large impact on the bottom line. When time and attendance overview data is readily available, it’s an invaluable resource to quickly reveal which departments are controlling their overtime costs and which are not. Reviewing reports can help you make timely decisions that reduce costs.
TPC’s Time & Attendance is easy and convenient for employees, as well. Employees log on to the browser-based program and enter time directly, in addition to viewing their schedules, accruals, and entering time-off requests to be reviewed and approved by department supervisors. Levels of access are controlled. The Employee Self-Service Software Module is required.

  • Supervisors and employees can easily track time entries, accruals and schedules in one location
  • Verification Option for accurate payroll processing
  • Employee self-management of various HR-related administrative tasks
  • Browser-based interface: Very easy: Uses a universal interface that everyone understands
  • Unlimited schedules : Use and define as many schedules as you need
  • Employees can easily update their own personal information
  • Real Time “Web-Based” functionality

TPC’s automated Time & Attendance System pays off in the following ways:

  • Analytics – Find, retrieve and report on workforce data, such as payroll, time, labor and attendance, and much more.
  • Equality – Ensures all your employees are treated equally and fairly in regards to overtime, shift assignments and time off.
  • Compliance – A time and attendance system keeps current on regulations, allowing you to remain in compliance.
  • Costs – Allows you to review time and attendance data to determine which departments are controlling their overtime costs and which are not.
  • Production – Use analytics to review overtime policies, absence allowances, disciplinary scales or other policies and determine if a change needs to be made.
  • Labor Allocation – Track jobs in real time and allocate them back into payroll and your accounting system for accurate billing and reporting.

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