Time Clocks

We live in a world that thrives on expediency, efficiency, and convenience. At TPC, we are committed to bringing employers the right tools to ensure your company’s time and labor objectives are met. The days of asking employees to ballpark how much time was spent on a certain project are in the past, with a practical user friendly application that tracks and monitors all time spent on various assignments. Not only does this help keep time for payday, it will help you cut back on labor costs, as well as review how your employees are using their time.

Our time clocks are supported by a web-based administration, and employee data can be accessed and managed from pretty much anywhere. There is nothing to install, and as the administrator, you will receive constant updates.

Which time clock would best fit your business?


tpc - time and attendance

Electronic Time Clock – A mountable time clock unit, which employees can use to clock in/out with the swipe of a badge, by entering a pin, or providing their SSN.

Biometric Time Clock – Employees can clock in securely by providing their fingerprint. This ensures the identity of who is clocking in, and prevents employees from clocking in/out for one another.

Online Time Clock – For employees who rely on internet access for the job, TPC’s Web Clock provides an easy way to clock in and out by utilizing SwipeClock. Employees will access by entering a username and password. Depending on employer preference, this application has the option to be accessed from only approved IP addresses.